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Happy Sunday Night! I usually am not a fan of Sundays in general, but mi madre and mi hermana are coming to visit this upcoming weekend and I.CANNOT.WAIT. Of course, I have to work on Saturday while they are here, but we will make the best of our time together. My sister is a veterinarian and has basically every 9th weekend off, so this is a super big deal. Plus, she has never been to North Carolina and the hubs and I have lived here for two years.

I headed out for my scheduled long run today at this great 4 mile paved trail next to a river in town. taybeforerun It started out cool and overcast, which is perfect weather, in my humble opinion. Of course, in typical Fayettville fashion, within less than a minute the sun came out and the temperature skyrocketed. My HRM said that I finished my 8 miles in 67 minutes… not too shabby. I struggled during the final 2 miles with the hills, which tells me I really need to train on inclines more since the Richmond Half Marathon is said to be a tad hilly.

After the run, I cooled off, stretched, and watched some mean coaches yell at eight year olds playing soccer. Seriously, how do you scream at an eight year old for his/her soccer ability/inability? People are ruthless. Once I stopped sweating…err, finished stetching, I headed to Supa Dupa Wally World to get a few ingredients for our Sunday feast, a.k.a. Chicken Tacos with Mango-Avocado Salsa, straight out of Cooking Light, a birthday gift from my BFF, Rach.  I don’t want to go to jail for copyright infringement, but the salsa had the obvious, plus minced jalapeno pepper, onion,  tomato, freshly squeezed lime juice, and cilantro. As any recipe with mango and avocado, this did not disappoint. Even the hubs loved it!


Healthy food is exciting, isn’t it? I won’t lie, I went back for seconds and thirds of the salsa, but struggled to finish my chicken.  I think I am a vegetarian at heart (or pescatarian because I am not so sure I could ever stop eating my beloved friends of the sea) because chicken just does not do it for me anymore. Problem is, the hubs has made it clear he won’t be happy if I give up the one food we still can eat together.

This recipe was easy peasy. I didn’t eat mine with the tortilla (because I eat enough carbs with my pretzel fetish), but the hubs ate it burrito style and said it was delish.


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