Who needs music?

At least this is what I told myself when I realized that (a) I had forgotten my iPod at home and, more importantly, (b) I just signed up to run 26.2 miles sans tunes. Yes, the MB Marathon doesn’t allow headphones.  So I ran a quick 4 miles on post, but it definitely is going to take some getting used to (the lack of music). I felt… less… inspired? However, I think I ran faster because I was bored. The one good thing was I could actually hear my Garmin chime!

Total: 4.05 miles/32.24 minutes

Ave: 8:00/mile, 182bpm

Max: 5:43/mile, 198bpm

Mile 1: 8:09

Mile 2: 8:02

Mile 3: 7:54

Mile 4: 7:57

I am having a hard time slowing down my runs to the point where I can maintain that speed for a long distance. I struggled with my ten miles on Saturday, definitely the hardest run I have had. Even when I tell myself I need to have an “easy” run, I still push myself farther than necessary – and therefore burnout quickly.

I had planned to skip postpone my run today, but the North Carolina weather was a perfect 78 and sunny, and the next five days will be 50s and rainy, so I took advantage. Although running in the rain does have some perks! I have worn sunscreen a lot more recently, with all this running, and now will be even more diligent after reading this post on Oh She Glows. I can’t undo the last 10 years of tanning, but I sure as heck can stop it from being 11. 😉

I have a bit of a toe injury after yesterday’s run. Somehow, my toe began throbbing in the evening, and it actually woke me up several times throughout the night. I inspected it this morning and it seems to have ripped from the skin. Not fun and quite painful. However, the pain lessened throughout the day and the run didn’t seem to make it worse this afternoon. The worst part is I am so afraid of losing a toenail, I could care less about the pain. Oh, vanity.

My eats were really boring today – oatmeal with AB and a banana, another banana, cottage cheese, edamame, pretzels, zucchini, etc. Same shiz, different day.

When am I going to stop cooking my zucchini like this? I am wearing out my mandolin slicer, and zucchinis are no longer in season:

Pre-cooked - 3 zuch and one yellow squash... Yes I ate them all.

Pre-cooked - 3 zuch and one yellow squash... Yes I ate them all.



Ok, enough of my dirty pans, same eats, and cheesy grin…

Tomorrow is another crazy day at work, followed by Body Pump (we call it Muscles because we like it generic) and grocery shopping! I am itching to make these bites of heaven that MegaNerdRuns concocted.



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3 responses to “Who needs music?

  1. You are simply beautiful. There’s no shame in a lil zucchini love!

  2. Hi Tay,
    Okay, that’s so awesome you’ll be doing a marathon! I’ve run in several 5K’s (hmm…why can’t I get beyond a 5K????) – and that’s been hard at times without music. I almost always run with music on training runs.

    Keep it up, wow!!

    • Lance, I was hoping I could somehow hid my earbuds? I can only imagine being disqualified for that – it would sure make a good story. Several 5ks are about all I have done too, my first was a turkey trot last Thanksgiving.

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