A Busy Bee

Today was pretty – no wait… ridiculously hectic. My “to do” list pile has turned into a behemoth and my desk looks as if someone threw up orange Post-It notes from one end to the other. To tackle this, I decided to go back to work after my favorite ” Body Pump” class.  Basically, it is Body Pump in every sense besides the name: here at FB they took the cheaper route and named it Muscles because the Les Mills trademark is expensive. Though I am a huge fan of Les Mills, this gives instructors the freedom to change things up a bit. At least I made it home before it was completely dark… in a month, the moon will be on the rise by the time I leave the office.

I was able to squeeze in some cardio over lunch with two coworkers. One really great thing about working on post is the 10 plus gyms, all within a few miles. Add to that the two tracks, streets with sidewalks, abundance of running trails, and temperate weather basically eleven months of the year, and there is no reason not to exercise.  Anyways, today I told myself I was going to take it easy, but easy amounted to running at 7.0 with an incline of 7.0 and according to my HRM I got up to 196 bpm. Oh well, I need more hill training!

I busted out a few more hours of work and then headed to my weekly class.  After Body Pump, I got my first gym made protein shake. Not too bad, but I prefer mine.  It tasted a bit too much like a vanilla milkshake, which was fantastic but scared me.  Dinner consisted of a serious salad beast, complete with dulce flakes, hemp seeds, Texas Pete, jarred salsa, and the leftover mango-avocado salsa which graced last night’s dinner. It sure is a beauty, isn’t it?  Dinner was enhanced with a new Bud Light Wheat. They are pretty good, but no Blue Moon! Of course, there was a very large side of Newman’s Own Spelt Pretzels.  😉blog 020I am off to bed very soon. The hubs is already there, and I have another long day tomorrow with work, either a run or spin class (I haven’t decided), and volunteering.

Brewski & Piper are tired – see?  I guess it is time to hit the sack. Goodnight!    ~t

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