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I moved down the road a bit: check out my blog at – See ya on the flip side! 😉

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Who needs music?

At least this is what I told myself when I realized that (a) I had forgotten my iPod at home and, more importantly, (b) I just signed up to run 26.2 miles sans tunes. Yes, the MB Marathon doesn’t allow headphones.  So I ran a quick 4 miles on post, but it definitely is going to take some getting used to (the lack of music). I felt… less… inspired? However, I think I ran faster because I was bored. The one good thing was I could actually hear my Garmin chime!

Total: 4.05 miles/32.24 minutes

Ave: 8:00/mile, 182bpm

Max: 5:43/mile, 198bpm

Mile 1: 8:09

Mile 2: 8:02

Mile 3: 7:54

Mile 4: 7:57

I am having a hard time slowing down my runs to the point where I can maintain that speed for a long distance. I struggled with my ten miles on Saturday, definitely the hardest run I have had. Even when I tell myself I need to have an “easy” run, I still push myself farther than necessary – and therefore burnout quickly.

I had planned to skip postpone my run today, but the North Carolina weather was a perfect 78 and sunny, and the next five days will be 50s and rainy, so I took advantage. Although running in the rain does have some perks! I have worn sunscreen a lot more recently, with all this running, and now will be even more diligent after reading this post on Oh She Glows. I can’t undo the last 10 years of tanning, but I sure as heck can stop it from being 11. 😉

I have a bit of a toe injury after yesterday’s run. Somehow, my toe began throbbing in the evening, and it actually woke me up several times throughout the night. I inspected it this morning and it seems to have ripped from the skin. Not fun and quite painful. However, the pain lessened throughout the day and the run didn’t seem to make it worse this afternoon. The worst part is I am so afraid of losing a toenail, I could care less about the pain. Oh, vanity.

My eats were really boring today – oatmeal with AB and a banana, another banana, cottage cheese, edamame, pretzels, zucchini, etc. Same shiz, different day.

When am I going to stop cooking my zucchini like this? I am wearing out my mandolin slicer, and zucchinis are no longer in season:

Pre-cooked - 3 zuch and one yellow squash... Yes I ate them all.

Pre-cooked - 3 zuch and one yellow squash... Yes I ate them all.



Ok, enough of my dirty pans, same eats, and cheesy grin…

Tomorrow is another crazy day at work, followed by Body Pump (we call it Muscles because we like it generic) and grocery shopping! I am itching to make these bites of heaven that MegaNerdRuns concocted.


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Off To A Rainy Start

Today officially begins my marathon training! I am pretty much following Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 Training Schedule, but instead of taking two days off, I plan on adding an extra day of cross training (to feed my addiction to spin). Also, if my shin splint starts acting up again, I may replace one of my shorter mid-week runs with a spin class until my achy left shin finds its happy place. Thankfully, frozen bags of peas and dixie cup blocks of ice do wonders on that little bugger.

Yesterday, during my Sunday of solitude, I was able to check a few things of off my never ending “To Do List”, one of which was making a Google Docs spreadsheet with my planned marathon training.  Ch-ch-check it out: Tay’s Marathon Training. 😉 I had seen Caitlin of Healthy Tipping Point and Meganerdruns make these spreadsheets and definitely felt the need to “borrow” their idea. Currently, I just have my training scribbled into my beautiful Coach planner (a wedding gift from the Hubs that I make very good use of, if only I had the gift of nice handwriting to go with it) as well as laid out in my Google Calendar. This document lets me look at my running and nothing else, which works well when I have a million and one things going on.

I can't hardly wait to run 18 miles the day after Christmas in Connecticut.

I can't hardly wait to run 18 miles the day after Christmas in Connecticut.

Today, I had planned to attend a meet-up with the Fayetteville Running Club, but it was canceled so I ran from home. Of course, I dilly-dallied and by the time I was dressed and ready it had started to rain. But, it was refreshing to run in the cooler, wet weather. I worried that my iPod Shuffle would get ruined so I tucked that little nifty device into my shorts. Voila! Problem solved. I had set out for 3 miles, according to my training schedule, but it ended up being 4.5. Might as well run until I get back to the house, right? Right.

Again, my laptop is still not working with Garmin technology, but here are the stats:

Distance: 4.53 miles

Total Time: 36:35

Ave/Max HR: 179/192

Ave/Max Pace: 8:04/6:38

Mile 1: 8:23

Mile 2: 8:02

Mile 3: 7:53

Mile 4: 8:07

Last .53: 4:09

Not too shabby…

I had a glorious breakfast of oats, almond milk, ground flax seeds, cinnamon, almond butter, and a sprinkling of Kashi Honey Sunshine (that stuff is like crack).

With this lighting, it may seem like I eat in a dungeon.

With this lighting, it may seem like I eat in a dungeon.

Lunch included Mary’s Crack and a bag of steamed veggies (as well as some dry roasted edamame):

May not look appealing, but I promise, for micro-veggies it does the trick.

May not look appealing, but I promise, for micro-veggies it does the trick.

 Not my Sticks & Twigs, but almost as good!

Not my Sticks & Twigs, but almost as good!

The Hubs came back from trekking the Appalachian Trail with his brother over the weekend, and I was happy to be reunited…. with Denver! 😉

Denver missed his crazy mom, or maybe he was just resting his head?

Denver missed his crazy mom, or maybe he was just resting his head?

Since the Hubs was home and had eaten tuna packets for 4 days, he had a serious hankering for chinese. I already had a tuna steak in the fridge with my name on it (as well as directions for my grillmaster to cook it for me) so we had a nice variety in our humble abode.

Tuna steak with low-sodium soy sauce and wasabi (or paint thinner, according to Hubs).

Tuna steak with low-sodium soy sauce and wasabi (or paint thinner, according to Hubs).

Chopsticks with faces - a much used gift from Mom and Dad!

Chopsticks with faces - a much used gift from Mom and Dad!

And my salad monsters – one for tonight and one for tomorrow (please do not mind the high class generic tupperware, I like to shake the heck out of my salads). If I can remember it all, this included romaine lettuce, orange bell pepper, mushrooms, a bit of red onion, persian cucumbers (thanks Ash), tomato, banana pepper, hemp seed, nutritional yeast, salsa, and a dollop of hummus:

I can't make a salad for one...

I can't make a salad for one...

It was delish. I am worn out – a three day weekend does that to you, right? Since Brewski and Piper have birthdays this weekend, I will leave you with their beautiful faces!

Brewski the BT and Piper the Puggle say "cookie?"


~ Tay

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McDonald’s Half Marathon

Let the countdown begin? 🙂

[clearspring_widget title=”McDonald’s Half Marathon” wid=”4a969c8cbc123b2f” pid=”4ad3c21d47a082c6″ width=”300″ height=”270″ domain=””]

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Tay Does 10!

Today marks my first double-digit run (of my life) for my half marathon/marathon training. I can’t seem to get my Garmin 305 to work with my computer (when I insert the disc my old laptop has an instantaneous fatal error) but here are the stats directly from the biggest device ever to grace my wrist:

10.00 miles 1:33:33

Average: 9.22, Max: 7.18

Mile 1: 8:48

Mile 2: 8:41

Mile 3: 9:08

Mile 4: 9:32

Mile 5: 9:29

Mile 6: 9:45

Mile 7: 10:06

Mile 8: 9:36

Mile 9: 9:22

Mile 10: 9:08

I need to do a better job pacing myself. This run was a struggle. I procrastinated all morning and didn’t leave until close to 11:30, and I expected it to be cool out. Not the case. It was humid and mid 80s. By mile 3 I was pooped.

No, I don't always run in the same shirt.

No, I don't always run in the same shirt.

I felt like death when I got back home, so I didn’t even think to take the classic post-run pic, but here I am in my pre-run morning makeup free glory. I cringe posting photos such as this, but at this point I have about two blog readers, so I shouldn’t worry. 😉

I decided I am going to stick to long runs on post. There is absolutely no shoulder on the roads around us and it is way too hard to jump to the grass/sand when I think a car doesn’t see me. I run for my health – both mental and physical – not to get killed. Need to keep this in mind. I actually drove my run today prior to setting out on foot to make sure I wasn’t going to get shot by a stray bullet on the “new” roads. Good thing I did this because one of the roads on Map My Run was dirt,  private drive. Nice. If I tried to run this road – I am going to bet the bullet wouldn’t have been a stray!

There is exactly 5 weeks until my half marathon, Richmond Half, and I am not nervous. I tend to be a very stressed out person (any tips for this?) so this is a little odd. It is probably due to the fact that I signed up for the Myrtle Beach Marathon a few days ago (had to beat the price hike), and this seems like a much more daunting task. Training through the winter – yikes. Thankfully, living in North Carolina means mild winters. I often doubt myself – I am not a runner, I ran my first 5k last Thanksgiving (with my Daddy!), so why am I doing this, with everything else going on in my life?

It all comes down to the Bucket List.

I have to do a marathon – I have to prove to myself (and no one else) that I can do it. More importantly, that I can train to do it. Thankfully, for both the half and the full, I will have family there to support me. This means the world to me. Running is a solitary sport, especially for me – not many of my friends want to go for a 10 mile run on the weekend, so the fact that I am training for a goal that allows me to see my family is very exciting.

Speaking of family, my mom and sister paid me a visit last weekend and it was a weekend to remember, for sure. They helped me hand out over 10,000 pies to our troops on Saturday, had a delicious dinner (the best meal I have had in NC) at 195 in Southern Pines that evening, and then headed to Raleigh on Sunday for a little REI, Trader Joes, and the Raleigh Farmers’ Market.  We then made a glorious dinner with my baked zucchini slices, chicken thighs marinated/grilled by Chef Hubs, and a huuuuge salad beast thanks to Mom and Smash.

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Never own a dog.

It feels like one of those weeks and it is only Tuesday. Last night, I crashed in bed, but something woke me up in the middle of the night. Our lab, Denver, sleeps in our bedroom every night… well last night was no exception. But for some reason, Denver had some major issues and POOPED right smack dab in the middle of our white berber carpets (eeeek, I hope landlord never reads this). The hubs did his best to clean it up at such an ungodly hour while I scampered into the guest room and threw a pillow over my head to hide from the fumes. His cleaning technique has improved – heck, last time we had a dog poop situation, he used 409. On the carpet…. and it was not the carpet cleaning variety.

Once the hubs finished pouring water and Resolve on the three foot stain (Denver is a big messy dog), he climbed into the guest room bed. I asked what time it was – I was really hoping he would say midnight. NOPE….4am. Alarms would be buzzing and ringing in less than two hours. The hubs ended up missing his ruck march and I slept an hour past my alarm, which meant my typical 90 minute morning routine (yes, that seems excessive but you try blow drying this hair) was only 30 minutes. Thank God (or Keurig) for one cup coffee pots because those Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice Coffee Pods are my saving grace lately.

So the day could only get better from here, right? Sort of. I knew it was going to be a long day so I snuck in a spin class over lunch. So glad I did that. The organization I volunteer for,  The Cause Library, really needed help tonight, and I agreed… so I knew it was going to be a long day.

I snacked throughout the day, specifically on this delicious dry roasted edamame I am hooked on:

I highly recommend it. I have found it at both Food Lion and World Market in North Carolina. My mom describes it as tasting like “dirt”, and I can understand why she thinks that. But I promise, this is good healthy dirt.

Once I finally made it home, I had a really boring dinner consisting of leftover chicken from Sunday (still tasty, despite not loving chicken, the hubs cooks it incredibly) and a bowl of mixed squash, asparagus, carrots, and onions with TP (not toilet paper, but Texas Pete, the cheapest and most phenomenal hot sauce).

blog 029

And for dessert was half a bag of Spelt Pretzels…. seriously, you don’t know what you are missing until you dive into a variety of Newman’s Own Pretzels. R.I.P. Paul Newman! By the way, his Mango Salsa is off the charts as well. 😉

ty I am trying to hit the hay at a reasonable hour but am getting sucked into The Hills. I never watch anything besides the news, but there is something about MTV reality trash. Perhaps it is that I always wanted to be on the Real World, never applied, and am now too much of an old hag to even be a possible candidate. Oh well – can’t complain. Nightskis.

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A Busy Bee

Today was pretty – no wait… ridiculously hectic. My “to do” list pile has turned into a behemoth and my desk looks as if someone threw up orange Post-It notes from one end to the other. To tackle this, I decided to go back to work after my favorite ” Body Pump” class.  Basically, it is Body Pump in every sense besides the name: here at FB they took the cheaper route and named it Muscles because the Les Mills trademark is expensive. Though I am a huge fan of Les Mills, this gives instructors the freedom to change things up a bit. At least I made it home before it was completely dark… in a month, the moon will be on the rise by the time I leave the office.

I was able to squeeze in some cardio over lunch with two coworkers. One really great thing about working on post is the 10 plus gyms, all within a few miles. Add to that the two tracks, streets with sidewalks, abundance of running trails, and temperate weather basically eleven months of the year, and there is no reason not to exercise.  Anyways, today I told myself I was going to take it easy, but easy amounted to running at 7.0 with an incline of 7.0 and according to my HRM I got up to 196 bpm. Oh well, I need more hill training!

I busted out a few more hours of work and then headed to my weekly class.  After Body Pump, I got my first gym made protein shake. Not too bad, but I prefer mine.  It tasted a bit too much like a vanilla milkshake, which was fantastic but scared me.  Dinner consisted of a serious salad beast, complete with dulce flakes, hemp seeds, Texas Pete, jarred salsa, and the leftover mango-avocado salsa which graced last night’s dinner. It sure is a beauty, isn’t it?  Dinner was enhanced with a new Bud Light Wheat. They are pretty good, but no Blue Moon! Of course, there was a very large side of Newman’s Own Spelt Pretzels.  😉blog 020I am off to bed very soon. The hubs is already there, and I have another long day tomorrow with work, either a run or spin class (I haven’t decided), and volunteering.

Brewski & Piper are tired – see?  I guess it is time to hit the sack. Goodnight!    ~t

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